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saying the unsaid

a project designed to inspire, connect, and reflect

Dear Reader,


Is there something you haven't said that you’ve been meaning to say? Something you wish you could have said in the past? Something you wish you can say now? Something you’re keeping inside? Something you need to let out? 


Whether it’s a message to someone you know, someone you knew, someone you don’t know, the general public, the world, or yourself, is there something you want to share? A confession, a compliment, an apology, a confrontation, a story, a feeling, a poem, a memory, a secret, a wish, a statement, an opinion, an expression – anything? 


“Is it better to speak or to die?” they ask. I would say the former. 


Given this, I strongly urge you to speak your truth. Go ahead and say the unsaid. 



lines final-25.png
lines final-26.png
lines final-31.png
lines final-28.png
lines final-30.png
lines final-27.png
lines final-25_edited.png
lines final-29.png
lines final-31.png
lines final-25.png

*Disclaimer: these messages may be displayed at the Yale University School of Art Gallery as part of my Senior Art Thesis. You may choose the level of anonymity you wish to present yourself as, however, if you do not feel comfortable sharing your unsaid message, please do not submit a response.

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