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What is the idea behind this project?

Saying the Unsaid is a project revolving around language and how it informs our relationships and understanding of the world. Oftentimes, people tend to conceal thoughts, opinions, and expressions due to the fear of judgment, rejection, potential suffering, and other consequences. For instance, we might withhold a compliment to a stranger, avoid confronting a friend, be too scared to send a text message to a crush, hide our sexuality from a parent, etc. Ultimately, due to social norms, many people keep crucial information to themselves.

However, I feel as though sharing such thoughts with others is liberating and brave. You may receive no response or not a desirable response, and in that case, maybe that’s the only answer you need. On the other hand, sharing these “sacred” thoughts can open up new opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise. Perhaps it leads to a better understanding of self or other, brightens someone’s day and is the reason they choose life, or results in a stronger relationship. I would rather say something that’s hard to share than keep it inside and take it with me to the grave; I encourage you to do the same.

What is the goal of this project?

I would like to provide an artistic platform for others to share things they wish they said or could say.

I want to encourage people to say the unsaid. I hope that not only will I give the chance for the larger community to express themselves in a safe space, but I will also give the chance for gallery viewers to get a glimpse into other people’s lives and stories. I hope that people connect. I hope that people reflect.

I hope that you and I can inspire people to speak their truth.

How will my submissions be used?

Your submissions will be collected as part of an ongoing project, and early submissions will be used to create artwork that will be displayed at the

Yale University School of Art Gallery in May of 2023.

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